Zuvic Carr has a long history of designing and implementing a wide array of environmental remediation strategies that are selected and engineered on a site by site basis.  Comprehensive remedial planning is critical to the success of a project and Remedial Action Plans are prepared by Zuvic Carr to assist the client in long term planning and resource allocation:


Goals and Evaluation

Identify remedial goals and evaluate alternatives, develop cost estimates for remedial alternatives, and provide recommendaitons for the most feasible approach and steps for implementation.

Remedial Approach Implementation 

Once a remedial approach is selected, Zuvic Carr provides services including, but not limited to: Engineering design and specification preparation; Construction bid document preparation; Contractor solicitation and selection; Remedial construction management and oversight; Remedial Action report preparation.  

Sprague and Motiva Oil Terminals Cleanup and Redevelopment
4 Mile Hartford Tunnel Environmental Services
East Hartford Tire Remediation and Redevelopment
Gas Station and Automotive Repair Facility Cleanup
Goodwin College Riverside Campus
Connecticut River Academy Magnet High School
General Oil Terminal Cleanup and Redevelopment
Magnet School Construction
Remediation of Underutilized Commercial Property
MDC Pump Station Upgrades
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