• UPS retained Zuvic Carr to provide civil and environmental services for the design and construction of a guardhouse and 142 space trailer parking lot to expand its central distribution facility in Hartford. This project is the latest in the decade long relationship with UPS upgrading its facilities throughout the Northeast.
  • Historical petroleum storage at the property required close review and inspection of all construction activities to ensure soil characterization and disposal/reuse was performed in accordance with CTDEEP requirements.
  • The initial task was to design, permit and construct a new guardhouse between the main distribution facility and the employee parking lot, upgrade the security equipment and update the associated ramp and fence line as well as running new electric and communications lines to the new building to increase peak hour flows.
  • The second phase of the project was the survey, design, permitting, and construction of the new trailer parking facility on the adjacent properties. The work included the design of new catch basins, storm sewer pipes and detention system to minimize peak flows off the property into the local drainage system.
  • The design also included a 10 ft. screen berm, site lighting, concrete curbing and pavement design to accommodate significant truck traffic.
  • Construction administration services were provided during both phases of the project.
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