• Goodwin College constructed its flagship 109,000 sq. ft. main campus building on properties occupied by bulk fuel storage and transfer facilities on the east bank of the Connecticut River.
  • The ZUVIC team was given the tasks of facility decommissioning, investigation and cleanup of the properties, as well as civil engineering work.
  • ZUVIC prepared the permits, plans and specifications, and supervised the removal of several aboveground and underground storage tanks, piping and contaminated soil associated with the former terminals. ZUVIC also managed the disposal of waste from the tank removals.
  • We designed and oversaw the installation of the remedial systems which included excavation and off-site soil disposal for construction of a new parking lot, installation and operation of a solar-powered skimmer to collect “free product” from the water table, in-situ chemical oxidation and the design and installation of a horizontal biosparge/biovent (BS/BV) system. ZUVIC completed environmental permitting associated with the remediation.
  • Zuvic Carr is continuing to provide remedial performance monitoring and operation and maintenance of the BS/BV system.
  • ZUVIC successfully prepared the property for construction of the main campus building while maintaining Goodwin College’s schedule.
  • In 2012, Goodwin College received an EPA Environmental Merit Award for the Campus.
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