• The site is an underutilized commercial property with a history of environmental impairment, including a dry cleaner who operated at the property for more than 50 years. The site was purchased for redevelopment with a goal of returning the site to productive use.
  • Assisted the current property owner during the purchase of the property including completion of Property Transfer Program forms.
  • Completed Phase I, II and III assessments to determine the nature, degree and extent of contamination at identified areas of concern.
  • Prepared Remedial Action Plans for multiple release areas and completed local and state permitting necessary for remediation.
  • Negotiated on behalf of our client to require utility company to remediate an area impacted by a historical release from a PCB-containing transformer.
  • Coordinated and oversaw remedial excavation programs for two petroleum fuel releases and an underground storage tank.
  • Coordinated a multi-phase in-situ chemical oxidation program to remediate a historical release of dry cleaning solvent.
  • Assisted the property owner with applications to obtain brownfield funding and grants to pay for portions of the environmental assessment and remediation.
  • Successfully completed environmental assessment and remediation of site and the property owner is actively planning site redevelopment.
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