• Assisted AECOM with an engineering and planning study related to the Route 8 and Waterbury Branch Line Corridor TOD Assessment Project.
  • Collected bus ridership data. We rode a dozen CT Transit Waterbury, Greater Bridgeport Transit, and CTfastrak buses and conducted on-board route evaluations and collected ridership data during peak morning or afternoon commuting times. We recorded the number of passengers getting on and off, and bus travel time in between key bus stops in seven towns.
  • We also determined highway travel time and average vehicle speed on Route 8. We traveled Route 8 from Waterbury to Bridgeport, between their train stations, several times each way, to collect travel time data along this ~30 mile long route during peak morning and afternoon, and off-peak, commuting times. We recorded travel time data at 14 locations along the highway.
  • Parking inventory data was collected in seven towns. We visited several dozen parking lots and garages, containing ~6,450 parking spaces, in the vicinity of the six train stations. During off-peak commuting periods we verified lot capacity, documented the number of spaces used, parking cost, and other information.
  • The data we obtained were analyzed by AECOM in the alternate modes study to determine future transportation system recommendations.
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