• The existing Route 147 Bridge over Lyman Meadow Brook was a 13-foot single span structure built in 1920. It consisted of a cast-in-place concrete slab supported by stone masonry abutments.
  • Replacement bridge required new parapets and guide rail, utility pole relocation, tree removal and a temporary driveway for Lyman Orchards golf course.
  • The bridge design included complete replacement with a single 12’x5’ precast concrete box culvert using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods, realigning Route 147, and widening the roadway and bridge. Most of the work was completed in just nine days.
  • New design included a replacement culvert consisting of precast units, a substructure of four precast concrete wingwalls with integral spread footings, precast cut-off walls at both ends of the culvert, and cast-in-place parapets with a stone masonry form liner pattern.
  • 1,100’ of Route 147 was realigned, widened, and superelevated. Over 1,200’ of guiderail was installed near Lyman Orchards to address Town and State Police safety concerns.
  • A riprap lined swale was constructed along the side of the road. Overhead electric, telecomm and cable lines were relocated.
  • This ABC project was completed significantly ahead of schedule with no design-initiated change orders.
  • Road closure detour in place for only nine days.
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