• The Great Town of Woodbury was looking for consultant that could help design a replacement for the aging bridge constructed in 1935 over South Brook.
  • In addition to serious concrete superstructure spalling and exposed steel reinforcing, key issues requiring careful planning related to utility relocation, water handling, and protection of adjacent wetland areas were present throughout the process.
  • The existing bridge consisted of a 12-foot span, carrying a 16-foot wide roadway, and a contributing drainage area of 2.0 square miles in need of hydraulic evaluation.
  • The bridge had previously been unable to garner public support for rehabilitation or replacement and had continued falling into significant disrepair.
  • Designed the replacement 11-foot precast concrete box culvert and an installation process utilizing accelerated bridge construction (ABC) methods, precast components, and implemented a road closure/detour to expedite the work and minimize the overall construction cost and neighborhood disruptions.
  • The project team was well integrated with the Town director of public works and First Selectman, ensuring an effective design process and clear communication.
  • Prepared a wetland evaluation report and analyzed the hydrology of South Brook to determine the proper hydraulic opening and optimal structure type.
  • Prepared design drawings, a geotechnical study, as well as local, State, and federal permit applications.
  • Successfully built consensus at the required Public Input and Informational Meeting and garnered local public support through a “safety first” campaign.
  • The bridge was awarded partial funding under the State Local Bridge Program (LBP) of over $300,000 for design and construction.
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