• Project included the replacement of approximately 4,700 feet of 8-inch diameter water main at four locations in Wethersfield including State Route 99 (Silas Deane Highway).
  • Provided topographic survey of the areas within the Town right-of-way and completed a boundary survey.
  • Completed a subsurface exploration program to determine the geotechnical and environmental characteristics of the underlying soil.
  • Pre-characterized soil that was to be excavated for on-site reuse and off-site disposal/reuse.
  • Prepared Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Plans for water main work in the Silas Deane Highway and three side streets, including traffic management stage details, detour plans, and project specific details.
  • Prepared design plans and contract documents for the replacement of 4,700 feet of 8-inch diameter water mains at four locations in Wethersfield including within State Route 99.
  • Prepared pavement restoration plans for three town roads and one state road.
  • Prepared base maps depicting existing conditions and plans and profiles of the proposed water mains.
  • Provided assistance during the bidding phase.
  • The design allowed for the installation of the new water main, lateral installations and pavement restoration with minimal inconvenience to the adjoining homeowners and vehicular traffic in the area.
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