• The Metropolitan District Water Treatment Facility in the town of West Hartford is occupied by a number of reservoirs, dams, and multi-use trails. The trail system is open to the public for active recreation.
  • The MDC wanted to renovate its Red Trail system in order to keep trails in good condition for public use including resurfacing and installing new culverts.
  • ZUVIC was selected to provide full-time construction inspection for the project designed by Tighe & Bond.
  • Construction was planned in stages so public access to a majority of trail could still be provided.
  • Provided full-time construction inspection for the construction of 1.25 miles of bituminous multi-purpose trail, including grinding and reuse of existing bituminous pavement and base, a modified rip rap swale adjacent to the trail, multiple culvert crossings and wood guide railing protection.
  • Design Specifications: Phase IIA - Length: 3,285 feet • Phase IIB - Length: 3,350 feet • Pavement Structure: 3½” Bituminous Concrete on 8” Reclaimed Asphalt • Swale: Modified Rip Rap • Cross Culverts: HDPE Pipe with Precast Concrete Endwalls
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