• The Metropolitan District was looking for improvements for two bridges located along its popular West Hartford Reservoir Trails. Due to the fact that this recreational area is frequently used by the public, construction began later in the season to avoid disturbing peak usage.
  • Pedestrian safety was of paramount importance due to construction vehicles/equipment using the paved trails as a point of access to each site.
  • Red/Yellow Loop Trail Bride rehabilitation included replacing the superstructure in-kind with new beams and deck slab, which accommodate a new guide rail system.
  • Steel-backed timber guide rail was installed across the bridge deck and along the park road approaches.
  • The Causeway Bridge project involved removing and replacing the existing bridge with a new three-sided precast concrete rigid frame with a 20-foot clear span and precast concrete with stone-patterned formlines. The new superstructure was installed over the existing trap rock foundation utilizing Accelerated Bridge Construction methods.
  • Coordinated with MDC to lower water level in reservoir in order to construct foundation.
  • This ABC project was completed significantly ahead of schedule with no design-initiated change orders.
  • New timber guide rail system provides safety and aesthetics to the traveling public.
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