• The existing 426-foot bridge is a five-span structure built in 1970, carrying I-691 over State Street and AMTRAK railroad, with an average daily traffic volume of 72,400 vehicles in 2013.
  • The existing bridge consists of a concrete deck and simply supported prestressed concrete beams atop reinforced concrete abutments and piers. The 2011 inspection report determined that the superstructure and substructure were in need of repair in order to increase the lifespan of the bridge. Obsolete guiderail was also identified for replacement.
  • Traffic control was a main priority during construction, precautions were carefully planned to ensure limited effects on traffic.
  • Design included patching and partial reconstruction of the superstructure and sub-structure concrete components, replacing bituminous concrete overlay, waterproofing membrane and deck joints, full-depth deck reconstruction, repairing deck ends over abutments and piers, upgrading approach and median guiderails, replacing drainage system hangers, and underbridge lighting repairs.
  • A structural Load Rating Analysis was prepared for the rehabilitated structure and approved by CTDOT.
  • Structural design details were provided for repairs to prestressed concrete I-beams, reinforced concrete deck, abutments, and piers. Bearing pads were replaced by jacking beam rows under load, while traffic on I-691 continued to drive across the bridge.
  • Project was completed without any design initiated change orders.
  • Successfully load rated existing 426 foot long, 5 span bridge consisting of 80 AASHTO I-beams.
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