• The original bridge was a dual cell corrugated metal pipe arch culvert built in 1955 that carried two lanes of traffic and a 16” water main over the Hockanum River.
  • Replacement bridge required a sidewalk, support of existing utilities during construction (current water main was exposed above grade), and water handling within the Hockanum River.
  • Full road closure and detour required to reduce construction duration.
  • The bridge design included prestressed precast concrete deck beams with integral abutments and deck slab placed on steel piles.
  • The bridge was widened to include a sidewalk and cast-in-place utility support walls and brackets for a permanent steel through-girder utility bridge, designed as part of this project, which supports a new insulated 16-inch water main and 8-inch gas main.
  • Pedestrian access across the river was maintained during all phases of work by means of a temporary pedestrian/utility bridge, which also carried temporary water and gas mains. Overhead electric, telecommunications, and cable television lines on both sides of the roadway were also relocated.
  • This ABC Project was completed without any design initiated change orders.
  • New bridge built using combination of precast and cast-in-place design and construction techniques.
  • Widening and realignment of roadway provides safer conditions to traveling public.
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