• CDECCA provides peak-time energy to the local power market. It also provides steam and chilled water to state buildings in the City of Hartford, and it is under contract with the U.S. Homeland Security Agency. Hull Energy, LLC owns the 62 MW natural gas-fired, dual fuel capable, combined cycle cogeneration plant located in Hartford.
  • ZUVIC provided feasibility services for the replacement of an existing 260,000 gallon fuel tank farm, including upgrading pumps and relocating fuel piping.
  • The CDECCA property is limited in size and includes areas environmentally impacted by coal ash.
  • The access staircase and fire escape to the main office of the facility were in need of repair.
  • ZUVIC arranged meetings with City staff (Fire Marshal, Planning and Building Department) for facility improvements, and with the Connecticut Department of Transportation regarding the planned relocation of Interstate 84.
  • ZUVIC conducted the final phase of the facility upgrades, which includes securing all State and municipal permits, designing a new 120,000 gallon fuel storage system, and a truck unloading area with secondary containment for deliveries of caustic acid.
  • A full investigation of the main access staircase and fire escape was performed and repair options were provided to the Owner for rehabilitation.
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