• Goodwin College was constructing its new flagship 109,000 sq. ft. main campus building on properties occupied by bulk fuel storage and transfer facilities. The team was given the tasks of facility decommissioning, investigation, cleanup, site survey and design and town, State and federal permitting.
  • Zuvic Carr completed the site design and permitting associated with the renovation of an existing two-story building and a 10,700 sq. ft. addition. Work involved the demolition of a building and the design of new driveway entrances, parking, utilities, landscaping, lighting, and a new drainage system with a detention basin.
  • Specific tasks included: Preparation of a boundary and topographic survey Bulk fuel storage tank decommissioning Environmental investigations and remediation Site grading, utility design Design of access roadway and traffic circulation Traffic and site lighting design, landscaping, Design of an extensive storm water collection system to accommodate future expansion of the College. New sewer and gas lines were extended to the project site.
  • The project also included the design of more than 2,000 linear feet of campus driveways, improvements at the intersection of Ensign Street with Riverside Drive, and campus parking lots to accommodate more than 450 vehicles. Zuvic Carr worked closely with the project architect to provide landscaping and a sidewalk network that would best fit the site layout.
  • Coordinated the project with the Traffic Engineer and completed all local and State permitting.
  • Attended weekly meetings during the construction phase with the Contractor and Construction Manager.
  • Addressed all site related Requests for Information (RFI) and reviewed all site related shop drawings.
  • Since the completion of this flagship building in 2008, Goodwin College has continued to rely on Zuvic Carr to provide environmental and engineering support for the College.
  • In 2012, Goodwin College received the EPA Environmental Merit Award for the Campus associated with site cleanup and redevelopment.
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