• The property was developed in the early 1960s and used for automotive and vehicle body repair and metal plating since then.
  • Asbestos and lead-based paint were present in the building as well as several in-ground hydraulic lifts and contamination associated with former uses.
  • Goodwin College purchased the former East Hartford Tire property to redevelop for use by its maintenance department.
  • ZUVIC completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and identified several potential areas of concern.
  • Phase II and III Environmental Site Assessments were completed in accordance with the CT DEEP Site Characterization Guidance Document.
  • An assessment of hazardous materials in the building was completed, including sampling and testing of roofing materials, wall board, tiles, mastics, adhesives and paint.
  • ZUVIC oversaw the removal of in-ground lifts and associated hydraulic tanks and contaminated soil and collected confirmation samples to demonstrate clean closure.
  • A Remedial Action Plan and Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives was prepared that called for excavation of additional contaminated soil and removal or encapsulation of hazardous building materials. The remedial action will also include installation of groundwater monitoring wells off-site in Town-owned property to evaluate a groundwater plume that resulted from releases from the metal plating facility.
  • Successfully met the clients accelerated investigation schedule and completing drilling and sampling while the repair facility continued operating at the site.
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