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From initial environmental reviews to environmental engineering, Zuvic, Carr and Associates, Inc. (Zuvic Carr) has the knowledge and experience to conduct any phase of the investigative and remediation process. Let us assist you with the following activities:

Environmental Site Assessments
To find out if a commercial or industrial property may present an environmental risk (typically before a sale), a Phase I environmental assessment is conducted, which is essentially a review of property and regulatory files, personnel interview, and a walk-over of the property. If potential spill or release areas are identified on the property, then a Phase II investigation (where soil and groundwater samples are collected for analysis) is typically performed. This may be followed by a delineation or Phase III investigation to evaluate the extent of contaminated soil and groundwater, and to determine if remediation is required.

Remedial Action Plans
If a property requires remediation, Zuvic Carr assesses and presents cost effective options designed to meet clean-up goals. We have experience with many remedial technologies, including excavation, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, and chemical oxidation. We also present accurate cost estimates for proper comparison and consideration.

Design and Specification of Remedial Solutions
Once a remediation solution has been selected, design plans and specifications can be prepared for contractor use. Plans and specifications may be tailored either for public bidding purposes or as a design-build project if a specific contractor has already been selected.
Pre-Renovation or Demolition Surveys for Hazardous Materials
Zuvic Carr conducts building inspections for lead, asbestos, and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) containing materials.

Connecticut Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) Services
Zuvic Carr provides LEP services for a number of Connecticut programs, including (but not limited to):
  • Environmental investigations and remediation under the CT Transfer Act
  • Voluntary Cleanups and clean-up verifications (closure on behalf of the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection)
  • Investigation oversight of leaking underground storage tank (UST) systems under CT UST management regulations.

RCRA Site Closures
When a hazardous waste generator has ceased operations, regulations require that the waste storage sites be tested and closed to specified standards. Zuvic Carr prepares the necessary closure plans and supervises the decommissioning of these sites, from small quantity generator facilities to large quantity and transport-storage-and-disposal (TSD) facilities.

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