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Centrally located in Rocky Hill, in close proximity to Hartford and New Haven, Zuvic, Carr and Associates, Inc. (Zuvic Carr) can offer both rapid engineering assistance and straightforward solutions to any complex land development project. We have a proven record of successfully integrating various engineering disciplines for seamless project execution, including:

Zuvic Carr uses the latest GPS technology to provide cost effective and accurate property, building and topographic surveys.

Feasibility Studies
Prior to conceptual design, Zuvic Carr will review applicable codes and regulations and determine site restrictions, to assure that a client's goals can be met prior to making a financial commitment to the project.

Site Planning and Development
After completion of the conceptual design, Zuvic Carr will develop a site plan that meets the needs of the client and complies with applicable codes and regulations.

Traffic Engineering Services
Zuvic Carr provides traffic impact studies, traffic signal capacity analyses, transportation planning, parking studies and traffic circulation analyses.
Bridge Inspection and Design
Zuvic Carr provides structural inspection and design services for bridge rehabilitation and replacement projects.

Structural Design and Evaluation
Whether it's determining the structural integrity of an existing building or designing a new structure, Zuvic Carr has the capabilities necessary to make any structural design or analysis project a success.

Utility Design
Our team provides a variety of utility design solutions, including the design of new water supply and distribution systems, sanitary and storm sewer systems, and other services.

Storm Water Management, Permitting and Planning
Zuvic Carr provides design and permitting (federal, state and municipal) of storm water collection systems at commercial, industrial, residential, and military sites utilizing innovative design techniques such as aboveground and underground retention/detention systems, rain gardens, bioretention basins, and biofilters.

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies and Analyses
Zuvic Carr prepares hydrologic and hydraulic studies and analyses, and we conduct peer reviews of other consultants' reports for municipalities and state agencies.
Construction Services
Zuvic Carr provides full or part-time inspection services during construction to help ensure compliance with plans and specifications. Other services include construction administration, cost estimates, response to RFIs, bid evaluations, invoice review, change order review, and schedule and budget tracking.


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